We warmly welcome you to our Events

Event Date Location
Voluntary work 25.04.2020 Camping Unterägeri
Mother`s Day Menu 10.05.2020 Restaurant Hüribach
Card Tournement 16.05.2020 Restaurant Hüribach
Season opening Party 23.05.2020 Camping Unterägeri
Boccia-Contest on the Lake 27.06.2020 Camping Unterägeri
Cinema Theatre Night 24.07.2020 Camping on the Lake
Camping Party on the Lake 25.07.2020 Camping on the Lake
Kinds Party with Games 25.07.2020 Camping Unterägeri
Lantern Walk for Kids 01.08.2020 Camping Unterägeri
Matinee-Concert neer the Lake of Ägeri 20.09.2020 Camping on the Lake
Autumn Meeting Camping Unterägeri Members 26.09.2020 Chlösterli Unterägeri