Operating a camping site in harmony with the protection of the surrounding area is very important to us. We therefore attach great importance to protecting nature in the best possible way, so we can enjoy it for a long time.


Camping Unterägeri is situated in the nature reserve of Lake Ägeri. The adjoining Hüribach is part of a cantonal water protection zone. The shore along the campsite also belongs to a protected reed belt at Lake Ägeri. Local flora and fauna develop splendidly and can be observed here. Last but not least, there is an archaeological zone in the Camping Delta.


The campsite Unterägeri obtains 80% of its electricity from hydropower and 20% from solar power. Hydroelectric power is generated from the nearby Lorzen power station. The solar energy also comes from the surrounding area.

The production of warm water and heat is carried out with fuel oil with the label low-sulphur eco fuel oil.

An environmentally friendly combination for efficient heating operation and economical water heating.


The best protection is to avoid waste and optimize material cycles. For this reason, we ask our guests to dispose of their waste separately.

Garbage / Glass / Cans

  • Underfloor waste disposal directly at the campsite entrance
  • Waste bags subject to charges available individually at reception (17L CHF 1.30 / 35L CHF 2.50).
  • Glass and cans can be disposed free of charge

PET-Bottles / Batteries

  • Deposit in disposal area next to the main building near the garage.

Paper and Cardboard

  • Deposit in disposal area next to the main building near the garage.

Green- / Garden rubbish

  • Deposit in green waste containers next to the main building or the middle building.

Bulky goods / wast oil /metal / fluorescent- /energy saving lamps

  • Pleas bring to official disposal site (Gemeinde Unterägeri, Ökihof, Buchholzstrasse 17)


The resource water is not available in excess and we all have responsibility to use it sparingly. The campsite is equipped with  flow limiters on all shower and tap.

  • Reduce your water consumption actively while showering.
  • Close the tap when washing hands and soaping in between.
  • Use a toothbrush cup or turn off the water while brushing.
  • Only flush briefly or use the economy button.
  • Clean fruits and vegetables in a bowl.

Thank you very much for your active contribution for the protection of our environment and the preservation of our wonderful surrounding.